Day 0 – A Love Letter

11 Jun

To have your life feel in sync emotionally, spatially, and temporally is a great feeling.

We are graduating today.

I am delivering my love letter to this school and everyone in it.


Day 1 – On the River

11 Jun

I’m loving Adam’s “parents came, parents saw, parents conquered.” It’s so true that first time when you go from being an independent individual to someone who has to answer to the desires of not one, not two, but three adults (I’m leaving Fun Uncle out of this because he’s chill).

Today was better because Nick and I are a unit and we can take breaks from the conditioned response of irritation that arises from being around our parents too long. God bless them and keep them but I know that I love them as much as I do now because I haven’t been living with them for the past four years. We had a lovely dim sum brunch with my tight five (sans one). Dad did a really good job being sociable.

And then we took a Water Taxi from Ping Tom Memorial Park (the loveliest little park that one cannot find) to Michigan Ave. If you haven’t taken the Water Taxi before or haven’t been on a boat tour before and would like to save lots of moolah and time, I highly recommend the Water Taxi. Compared to the cost of a Wendella or CAF boat tour, or compared to the cost of a taxi to the Loop, or compared to the time cost of the CTA without the sights of the river, the Water Taxi is both fun and economical. All that being said, I am grateful for Broadview’s O-Week boat tour and the information that I’ve retained from three years of going on it so that I could point out some things to my family.

My grandmother thought that the reflections on Cloud Gate were real people on/inside Cloud Gate. That was amusing.

Baccalaureate Ceremony РVitamin C/Britney Spears/N*Sync medley and dance for the win.

Nick had his Harold’s, but Nick was irritated with our father. What else is new.

My sturdy little purple and neon pink bike has been transferred to its new owner. I got that bike on the day of my first birthday in Chicago. I traveled by myself by bus up to Loyola. Met a strange man living in a basement apartment, tried out the three women’s bikes he had (stolen?), and gave him forty bucks. I then tried to ride from Loyola back to Hyde Park by way of the Lake Front Trail. I wasn’t in shape and I hadn’t ridden a bike for ages. Suffice it to say, I was hurting by the time I got to Navy Pier. This is also the point at which it was getting dark and I got tired of myself and shoved the bike into the backseat of a cab.

I’m glad I went to MSI Night – Graduation Edition. I love meeting parents. And the ice cream was a cute touch. So was the free champagne.

And now, it’s time to graduate.

Shaq’s Your Mom 1 – Day 6 of Senior Week

10 Jun

Parents came, parents saw, parents conquered.

Missed baccalaureate ceremony to pack missed out on a sweet pin. Maybe will bug CPO about getting it later.

MSI night was baller, though I spent most of it soliciting donations and then standing awkwardly on stage and then getting awkward pictures with Dean Boyer and President Zimmer.

Tomorrow, the game gets changed. In about 17 hours, I will finally get mine.

Shaq’s Your Mom 2 – Day 5 of Senior Week

10 Jun

Boat Tour: We thought the rain would make it suck. Well, we figured it would just make it unpleasant to be on a boat while it rained. But it wasn’t raining at the time. Rather, the water level was so high that the boat couldn’t clear some of the bridges, like the DuSable bridge. Other bridges all of us had to stand at the bow for us to clear. So basically we had a two hour tour with an hour of material. At least we got a good up-close look at Goose Island.

Phi Beta Kappa reception: I gotta give them credit, they know how to keep things short and sweet

Weed Street: Pretty sketch, stayed only at Joe’s. Couldn’t wait for the free appetizers, so we ordered a pizza. People thought the pizza was part of the appetizer selection. It turned into a dance club, which was pretty exciting.

After Weed Street, Prom, and the Go Party I am now convinced that if I have children, they will definitely be embarrassed at the way I dance.

Coming to terms with the fact that graduation will be in less than 30 hours. Except all the packing. I’m concerned about having my parents help me pack. I’m sure they will become very concerned with my lifestyle.

Day 2 – Hello Family

10 Jun

Spoke at the podium in Rockefeller but not the pulpit. Still a thrill. Speech needed some cutting. Nick helped out!

Yes, the family is here and life immediately feels like it’s gone through a time warp where my father thinks he can tell me how much weak Chinese beer I can drink at dinner.

I need to sleep.

Day 3 – The End of a Way of Life

9 Jun

My family will definitely be here in 12 hours and with them comes the end of a particular way of life. In a sense, college ended with the completion of my last final. I can easily divide my time here down the middle between 2nd and 3rd year but the constant has been the quarter system. Now things have come full circle:

My parents haven’t been in Hyde Park since move-in day 2007. They left me by Rockefeller Chapel for commencement.

My first Reg job assignment was moving the digital media collection.

My parents will be in Hyde Park tomorrow. They might be meeting me at Rockefeller where I will be rehearsing my speech for the College Diploma Ceremony.

My last Reg job assignment was preparing an instructor’s collection of Reg books for moving.


I did something wonderful today – took the Rockefeller Carillon Tour. Climbed the narrow twisting staircase up 207 ft to the top of Rockefeller Chapel. Looked at campus from all four directions. Admired the city of Chicago. Admired the Quads and South Campus. Pachelbel’s Canon was the first piece of the recital. The Navy Hymn was the last piece. Past and future? Perhaps. Definitely the best thing I did Senior Week.

Shaq’s Your Mom 3 – Day 4 of Senior Week

8 Jun

Woke up at 8:30. Decided to take the late bus to Six Flags. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 10. Thought “If I leave now, I can get my ticket and catch the bus….ah fuck it” and went back to sleep.

Started considering packing, which mostly means throwing things away.

Began the arduous process of moving all my playboys fro my reg locker to my apartment.

Prepared my epic monologue on Serge’s new “UChicago Decalogue.” The Decalogue Monologue, as it were.

Shaq’s Your Mom 4 – Senior Week Day 3

8 Jun

Afternoon was Senior BBQ, was pretty chill. Saw Bodnartos. Read the new Decalogue Script, and filmed some. I have ideas…

Then was White Sox. Didn’t realize there was assigned seating, but thanks to a lot of empty seats, sat next to Mances and Ellis. Now known as Mellis. Convinced me to go to Six Flags. I’m still skeptical. But at least I know that there exists 3 other people who aren’t going on roller coasters.

So much to do. Don’t want to do it.

Day 4 – A string of conversations

8 Jun

Sleep is so good. I should do it more often.

Met with my BA adviser. Walked around with CD. Bumped into my rugby coach. Another half-light, half-serious conversation with JK. Some MacLab time. Then shopping with CD. 7 Treasures Study Break at Broadview. Pie Study Break in the Suite. Sleepy and drinking Shiner Bock. Day and night, persistently muggy. So tired.

Shaq’s Your Mom 5 – Day 2 of Senior Week

7 Jun

Morning: Backpack to Briefcase. Mostly ogling alums. The dressing for success panel was interesting, though more so for women. I went because someone needs to bring nerds into fashion. Seriously, at the awards reception, you could tell who were science majors. It’s a common idea that nerds (and especially science majors) can’t dress, and I admit that on a day-to-day basis I’m super cas. Still, when it’s needed, you gotta at least make an effort. And science majors are the worst at making the effort. Of course, they don’t need to as often, but still.

The old head of neuroscience here, Phil Ulinksi, always wore suits. One day, a grad student came up to him and asked “Professor Ulinksi, you’re always so dapper. Why is that?” And his response, in a cranky old man voice was “Back in my day, even bank robbers wore suits!”

Evening: Senior Prom. Pretty much what you’d expect from a high school dance. Except alcohol was explicit. Saying that is mean to high schools; the lab school went to Shedd for their prom. But yeah, they had weak-sauce champagne/powerade cocktails, but most people went to the pub. In fact, at any given point, half of the seniors were at the pub. The music was more of the hip hop fare, which sorta made all us white people uncomfortable. The few Ke$ha and Lady Gaga they played made us feel more at home.